[Making It In Hollywood raw #32]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. This tapes follows Cissy Colpitts, an aspiring actress, as she enters the William Morris Agency in an attempt to obtain an agent to represent her. She is interviewed on the street before meeting with the agent, and again when the meeting has finished. She talks about the experience, and says it was very positive. She did not get an agent, but was referred to other, smaller agencies. After leaving the agency, the interview continues at a poolside location, where Colpitts shows us her headshots, and resume. She also talks about her decision to become an actress.

00:00Copy video clip URL Videomaker Tom Weinberg addresses the camera briefly, saying that they are about to “go see Cissy, a star is born.” 

00:25Copy video clip URL The William Morris Agency Building, where Cissy Colpitts explains that she is trying to get an agent. 

02:39Copy video clip URL After her meeting, Cissy exits the agency. In her meeting, she was given the contact info for several agents who handle newer actor and actresses. She discusses the meeting and her future plans. 

07:55Copy video clip URL Cissy talks about her experiences in Hollywood dealing with sleazy and sometimes threatening producers and con men. She reflects on Los Angeles and on the Sunset Strip, which she thinks is “tacky.” 

11:25Copy video clip URL Cissy fixes her makeup in the courtyard. She goes through her “glossies” – glamor photographs – and her resume, including her talents and her hobbies. 

15:49Copy video clip URL Cissy discusses working with Tab Hunter and moving to New York City at his suggestion. She tells a story about bringing a plywood board to an audition so she could tap dance properly. 

20:20Copy video clip URL Cissy talks about almost joining a convent or becoming a missionary instead of acting. Some image distortion. 




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