[Making It In Hollywood raw #38]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. This tape features Hollywood talent agent Nicole David (the agent for Sally Kirkland). David discusses various topics, including: female roles in Hollywood, the responsibility of an agent, and the difficulty of acting (as opposed to being a truck driver, plumber, etc.).

00:00Copy video clip URL David explains acting as an “illogical profession”: “There aren’t obvious reasons for failure or success.” David also says it’s easier to find a job for a worse actress who is more normal than a better actress who is weird.

04:03Copy video clip URL David thinks Kirkland is “versatile” and this quality will make her a star. She discusses a part that Kirkland lost to Joan Collins because of Kirkland’s unusual look. She then explains the role of an agent in getting actors work and the best work for them.

07:17Copy video clip URL Kirkland comes in briefly, and she and David briefly discuss a possible scene. Back to the interview, David says that agents can’t make anyone a star, they can only provide opportunities.

09:14Copy video clip URL David is asked about the ingredients for “making it,” and David emphasizes luck. David herself hated being an actress so she became an agent two and a half years ago. “I didn’t like the process of acting.”

12:00Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, David gets a phone call from a star of “Slap Shot.” Then, David explains the necessity of agents in Hollywood. In New York, you could knock door-to-door but you can’t do that in Hollywood, especially since many casting directors go directly to agents.

16:14Copy video clip URL David and her partner consider themselves a successful agency, and eventually want to produce. She thinks that actors are different “because they’re selling their heart” (compared to a plumber), and have it harder because of so much rejection. She talks about having to turn people away. David explains that agents get rejected quite often as well, and that in every business there are good and bad people. “If you want to be a working actress, really, really, you will be.”

22:33Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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