[Making It In Hollywood raw #42]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. A continuation of footage with actors Julius Harris, Robert Walden, Sally Kirkland, and Gregory Rozakis at Derrick's, a restaurant in Los Angeles. Actress Cissy Colpitts joins the crowd at dinner. Judy Thomas, a co-owner of the restaurant and part-time talent manager, talks about up-and-coming actors that she is managing. Walden talks about TvQ ratings (industry popularity and recognition ratings); actress Debralee Scott and writer Jennifer Gladstone join the crowd. There is a general discussion about working with "difficult" actors, and the practice of "dishing" and "gossiping" in Hollywood.

00:05Copy video clip URL Cissy Colpitts is introduced to the now-large group, and she slides into the booth. She chats about her history of acting in New York.

01:53Copy video clip URL Judy Thomas is a talent manager (part-time) and lists the young people with whom she works. Kirkland is interested in the balance between this work and managing the restaurant. The group goes on to talk about the necessity of having connections and difficulty of launching into the business. Harris calls it an “age-old” problem, but Thomas sort of resists this characterization.

07:30Copy video clip URL Kirkland asks Walden to explain the TvQ rating, and how it has jeopardized certain job opportunities for them.

10:00Copy video clip URL Debralee Scott and Jennifer Gladstone join the group, Kirkland introduces them. They gossip about actors they know. Scott leaves at the end of this segment.

16:51Copy video clip URL Harris says he loves to work daily, and he loves the business. They talk about socializing with actors. “There’s a lot of dishing! A lot of putting down. You get ulcerated that way.”

20:41Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, Kirkland tells a story about how her friends overheard people putting Kirkland down at this very restaurant. Walden emphasizes that Hollywood is different than New York before the tape cuts.

22:33Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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