[Making It In Hollywood raw #53]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. Footage from Joe Allen's restaurant, talking to waiters there who are trying to break into the business.

00:00Copy video clip URL Audio tests, the camera is on the floor and the visual is upside down.

04:02Copy video clip URL July 1, 1976. At Joe Allen’s restaurant in Los Angeles, a waiter is interviewed, who is optimistic though he hasn’t worked as an actor in 6 months.

08:08Copy video clip URL A waitress, Danielle Hill, wants to make it in any aspect of the business. She says being a waitress is ideal because the hours are flexible. On the business: “It can kill you!”

12:42Copy video clip URL If she made it, if she had all the funds she needed, she would like to do Egyptology.

14:25Copy video clip URL Weinberg (voice) says that for every one person that is a star, there are hundreds that are working actors, and even more that are trying to get their foot in the door. He calls Cissy “oblivious” before the tape cuts.

16:30Copy video clip URL Weinberg says we are about to meet an “in-between” actor, Tim Donohue. This actor equates Hollywood with “making it” because “there’s nothing else to do out here.” He finds movie sets “frustrating” because “you never play the part” because of the way scenes are done out of order. “I don’t want to make it… making it is being something that you’re not.”

22:19Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, the camera tapes the interior of a dark bar briefly before the tape ends.

22:33Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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