[Making It In Hollywood raw #56]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. Cissy Colpitts (now Cisse Cameron), an aspiring actress, meets with a casting director from 20th Century Fox Studios. She gives Colpitts a script to review, so that she can audition. After this, the casting director talks to "Making It" director Frank Cavestani about a part that actress Sally Kirkland auditioned for, but didn't get, explaining why Kirkland was not cast. She also talks about how she got her start in show business (through her parents) and how many people who work in the business get breaks because of family connections.

00:00Copy video clip URL In an office (of a casting director from 20th Century Fox), two women are doing office work, making phone calls and sorting through photos. An annoying audio buzz almost obstructs their voices. Aspiring actress Cissy Colpitts arrives eventually, and is told to have a seat.

05:21Copy video clip URL Colpitts is called into the casting director’s office, and explains her work history. The casting director asks to look at photos. The casting director then gives her a script to read, and Cissy leaves to study it.

08:25Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, Cavestani asks about an audition Kirkland gave. The director says that she gave a good reading but didn’t have the right look. “We’re looking for a much harder quality… more tough… more curt.” “It was a little bit too rock n’ roll. I think it scared them a little bit.”

12:17Copy video clip URL Cissy practices the script in the reception area. Cavestani and the casting director are audible as they continue to talk about Sally Kirkland in the other room.

13:50Copy video clip URL Back into the office, the casting director explains to Cavestani that she got her start in show business through her parents and that many people who work in the business got breaks because of family connections.

18:55Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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