[Making It In Hollywood raw #6, Sally’s House]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood", which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. More raw footage from the interview with Sally Kirkland, taped at her home.

00:00Copy video clip URL Kirkland discusses her early roles in X-rated films, and her brief name change that allowed her to “play the role of a saint.” The name change allowed to her to escape her identity as the first nude actress in legitimate theater.

02:50Copy video clip URL She explains the television industry’s practice of hiring actors based on a TvQ rating (a popularity and recognition ranking). “I think television is going to be the most important media of the future.” She goes on to talk about the difference between films and television.

07:03Copy video clip URL The tape cuts and the camera records Kirkland through her fish tank.

07:36Copy video clip URL Kirkland in her kitchen. She talks about not taking rejection personally. “An actor gets rejected so many times every week… we have to become very strong.” She says that this reality used to be “shattering,” and recommends having something else in your life besides acting.

10:40Copy video clip URL She talks about having a famous name versus “making it” in Hollywood. They are joined by a friend of Kirkland’s, and she continues to talk about being known versus having money. “The whole life of an actor is totally a gamble.”

13:30Copy video clip URL “To me, ‘making it’ is being a working actress, it has nothing to do with being a star,” Kirkland says. She is not currently making it, because she is out of work, but she has made it in the sense that she is happy.

16:14Copy video clip URL Kirkland tells us about being recognizable. She lists stars who she thinks have had it made. While peeling a hard boiled egg, Kirkland talks about the importance of starting on television. “I think television is an incredible springboard… I believe it’s very important to reach as many people as possible.”

19:26Copy video clip URL “I care only about my audience.” She cares about the types of characters she will play: “I played a lot of hookers but they’re hookers with a heart of gold.”

21:30Copy video clip URL Being an actress has made her tough: “I am married to my art… That’s my family…. My life is my acting and everything that goes with it to survive.”

22:03Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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