[Making It In Hollywood raw #72]

Raw footage for the documentary "Making It in Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. In this tape, actresses audition for a part on the television series "Police Woman."

00:08Copy video clip URL An office. Producer Doug Benton speaks on the phone about actors for the television show Police Woman.

04:18Copy video clip URL A close-up of a script of Police Woman while the man continues to talk on the phone. 

05:25Copy video clip URL A script meeting. Discussions of revisions. 

09:20Copy video clip URL Cissy Colpitts arrives with two other young women. 

10:48Copy video clip URL The women start their auditions for the role of Monica Dunlop in the episode “Tender Soldier.” 

16:22Copy video clip URL The second audition. The producer and casting agents discuss the actress’s curious choices afterwards. 

21:20Copy video clip URL The third audition. 



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