[Making It In Hollywood raw #8]

Raw footage from the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. This tape features actress Sally Kirkland phoning to invite people to one of her "press parties"; Kirkland speaks with several people, including actress Dyan Cannon, and musician Kinky Friedman (who confides that he "distrusts" Paul McCartney, and that he will soon be firing his management staff), and Kirkland leaves a message for actors Keith Carradine and Christina Raines.

00:05Copy video clip URL The tape opens on Sally Kirkland sitting at a table and looking through a messy book of phone numbers. She makes a call to someone named Todd, and invites him to a party that she is having. She describes the party and pours herself a drink.

4:30Copy video clip URL She hangs up and takes some vitamins, and then explains what they are.

5:20Copy video clip URL She makes another call to a man named Keith, and leaves a message inviting him and someone named Christine to her party.

7:07Copy video clip URL She starts to read a poem that she wrote, and the cameraman cuts her off and asks her to go back to making calls. She makes another call and invites another woman to her press party.

9:20Copy video clip URL She looks through the book again and calls to invite another woman.

12:33Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to Kirkland sitting outside talking to a man on the phone. She hangs up and goes to check her mail.

13:01Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to her walking with a woman and two children. She asks them how long they have lived in the United States and the woman says 6 years.

13:49Copy video clip URL The camera cuts forward in the conversation. Kirkland and the woman talk about the property where Kirkland lives.

14:48Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to Kirkland sitting outside and making another call, this time to Kinky Friedman. They talk about the party. He talks about some things that have been going on in his life.

22:38Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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