[Making It in Hollywood raw: Dr. John #2]

This video contains footage shot for the 1976 documentary "Making It in Hollywood," an in depth look at the entertainment business through the eyes of both Hollywood hopefuls and veterans. In this video, we watch footage from a Hollywood party thrown at actress Sally Kirkland's home, featuring a musical performance by Dr. John and Ronee Blakley.

00:00Copy video clip URL The tape begins with footage of Dr. John and Ronee Blakley singing at the piano, surrounded by partygoers. Actress Sally Kirkland also sings with those performing. This lasts for several minutes.

05:22Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with a young girl named Gwenevere. She talks about her work in the film world and performs a dance number for the camera. This lasts for several minutes.

08:12Copy video clip URL Cut to a short interview with a Hollywood actor. He talks about his time working in Hollywood. “You can’t define ‘making it’ in terms of having a job or not having a job. I mean there’s more important things than having a job in Hollywood. There’s knowing where to go for a good chile relleno. That’s important.” He then talks about the fact that actors drink a lot and ascribes it to a “lack of spiritual fiber.” This lasts for several minutes.

10:20Copy video clip URL Party goers dance with one another. This is then followed by a man giving a overall assessment of the party. The tape ends shortly afterward.

11:51Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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