[Mancow 6/14/95: Nathan camera #1]

Part of the Radio Faces camera crew goes with Turd, an associate of Mancow, to an off-site event sponsored by Mancow's Morning Madhouse.

0:00Copy video clip URL Static.

0:20Copy video clip URL Video opens on camera crew for Radio Faces exiting an elevator and going to the studio for the Mancow Morning Madhouse. They enter the studio and tell Mancow their expectations for the recording. Mancow talks with another camera in between on air time. The main camera filming Mancow can be found on another tape.

22:58Copy video clip URL The camera follows Turd, one of Mancow’s associates, and his posse out of the building and into a car heading to Chicago Heights where they will be playing football with pig heads instead of footballs. The radio broadcast can be heard inside the car radio. One of the producers, Tom Weinberg, joins them in the car. Turd occasionally talks to Mancow on the telephone.

59:50Copy video clip URL Video ends.




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