[Mancow 6/14/95: Nathan camera #3]

End of the "Pigball" game started by Turd in a previous tape for the Madcow Morning Madhouse radio show on Rock 103.5. Shot for the TV series Radio Faces.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on the game of “pigball” organized by Turd, an associate of Mancow, for the Mancow Morning Madhouse begun in a previous tape. They mess around with a pig’s head.

4:50Copy video clip URL They continue to stand around and talk and play with the pig’s head. One man cuts the ear off of the pig.

15:55 Turd talks to Mancow about the game on a telephone. They all tackle him.

34:11Copy video clip URL Turd returns to the “Madcow Mobile One” and after some delay, including signing a helmet for a fan, drives back to the studio. He talks about his job and things he has done while he drives.

52:49Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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