March for Disarmament, tape 3

Part of the Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection. Live coverage of large rally to support disarmament in Central Park. June 12th, 1982. Part three of three.

0:00Copy video clip URL Titles.

0:05Copy video clip URL Nancy Cain does KBDI station identification.

1:00Copy video clip URL Audience dances to Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteen playing “Running on Empty”.

2:04Copy video clip URL Animated Regan and Gorbachev bombs go off.

2:37Copy video clip URL Shots of crowd while Jackson Browne says goodbye.

3:07Copy video clip URL Reporter Carlos de Jesus reports in Spanish on the thoughts of celebrities at the event as well as the ideas of the disarmament group. He talks about Caspar Weinberger’s statements that the demonstration/concert wouldn’t change anything.

5:28Copy video clip URL Audience applauds as stage is reorganized.

5:41Copy video clip URL Animation segment: “Curb Your Bomb.”

6:10Copy video clip URL Speaker makes announcement to the crowd.

6:18Copy video clip URL Reporter interviews audience members about problems in their own neighborhoods. Answers: unemployment. Young man expresses his political concerns.

8:56Copy video clip URL Maxi Cohen interviews Texas Congressman Mickey Leland about congressional opposition to the presidential administration. He says that this rally will have a large impact on political decisions.

10:20Copy video clip URL Speaker gives pep talk to audience from stage.

11:20Copy video clip URL Nancy Cain talks to Joan Baez, who is mobbed by reporters. “I’ve been on marches against violence, against nuclear war, since I was fourteen, and this is really the first time in my lifetime that I’ve seen the consciousness of the people of this country waking up… I don’t know if it was the blunders of this administration piled on top of 3-mile Island, or what, but the fact is that people have been moved and they’re beginning to realize that the terror is not just of the Russians, the terror is of the fact that these nuclear things exist and they’re threatening our lives, rather than trusting every single morning when we get up that we’re going to make it through that day.”

13:07Copy video clip URL Baez is asked about her reference to Martin Luther King during her speech on stage, and she responds, “Martin Luther King had been to the mountaintop, he honest-to-god had. And he understood that we have no control over our deaths, but we have some choice as to how we’re going to live our lives. And he chose to live his life in battle, but non-violently.”

14:20Copy video clip URL Baez talks about her earliest nuclear memories, and dealing with the reality of the bomb in her high school at age 16. She refused to partake in the “duck and cover” exercises as a protest, realizing that the whole thing was a farce that would never protect anyone.

15:29Copy video clip URL “Protection In Place” clip: 1950s instructional film about improvising a bomb shelter in your basement.

17:30Copy video clip URL Kay McPherson, from Voices of Women-Canada, speaks to the audience and expresses the solidarity of Canadians with the cause.

19:20Copy video clip URL Maibritt Theorin from Sweden talks to crowd about European resistance to nuclear proliferation.

22:15Copy video clip URL Dessima Williams from Grenada expresses support from the people of free Grenada.

24:32Copy video clip URL A reporter outside the UN building talks to marching protesters.

26:06Copy video clip URL Nancy Cain talks to Wanda Kelly, Executive Director of the National Association of Atomic Veterans. Kelly talks about her husband’s exposure to radiation in the army, and about educating the American people about the effects of radiation.

27:25Copy video clip URL Kelly’s husband, George Mace, talks about his health problems due to effects of exposure to radiation during his time in the army.

28:37Copy video clip URL Mace and Kelly talk about efforts to find soldiers who had been exposed.

29:30Copy video clip URL Bella Abzug speaks to the audience onstage. “President Reagan said the other day to those who march in peace, ‘I march with you.’ Mr. President, I see a credibility gap… The world can no longer afford this credibility gap.”

31:25Copy video clip URL Disabled protesters at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza complain that money for the military is taking money away from social services.

32:54Copy video clip URL Back at Central Park, Abzug lists demands for nuclear disarmament.

33:56Copy video clip URL Interviewer talks to a few audience members from New England about local votes to freeze nuclear arms. Another person from Vancouver talks about the nuclear freeze in her own city.

36:15Copy video clip URL Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara talk to Nancy Cain, joking about PBS and speaking about why they’ve come to the event. “I went to a Chinese restaurant and opened up my fortune cookie and it said, ‘don’t make any plans today’. All those guys up in Washington that are manipulating my fortune cookies, you need to understand, we need to start getting it all together, as they say.”

39:10Copy video clip URL A speaker talks to the crowd.

40:17Copy video clip URL Cain talks to Dr. Barry Commoner, a former candidate for President of the United States. He speaks about the absolute importance of cutting the military budget to restore social spending. “People understand that you can’t count on Reagan or the Democrats to help us… You’ll see people who are at this march running for office in order to put peace into the political process.”

43:05Copy video clip URL Audience watching march.

43:20Copy video clip URL People in costumes and people with instruments perform on 47th Street: The Bread and Puppet Theatre. An interviewer talks with Susan Holmes from the group about her participation in the parade. The parade will be divided into three sections: “The World,” “The End of the World,” and “The Fight Against the End of the World.”

45:00Copy video clip URL Back at Central Park, a man speaks to the audience about Reagan’s hypocrisy, leads them in chant of “Freeze Now” a few lukewarm times.

49:10Copy video clip URL Carlos De Jesus closes the segment by summarizing the events of the past hour in Spanish over shots of the audience.

50:45Copy video clip URL Audience listens to male and female singer singing about nuclear annihilation.

51:20Copy video clip URL End Credits over shots of the audience.

52:51Copy video clip URL Cain does station identification and identifies sponsors, then signs off for the hour.

54:20Copy video clip URL Shots of audience over male and female singer singing about the Wild West. “Live Central Park, NYC.”

55:22Copy video clip URL Announcer announces last speaker onstage.

55:53Copy video clip URL End Credits while speaker sings to audience, “Someday We’ll All Be Free.”

58:29Copy video clip URL END



  1. Marty Smith says:

    I’m soooooooo glad you put this up. Is there a tape 1 also?

    • Media Burn says:

      Unfortunately, we don’t have part 1. We’re trying to track it down and will let you know if someone is able to provide it to us. Glad you enjoyed it!

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