[Marching Band Contest / Audio Testing]

Footage of a marching band contest filmed by Broadside TV.

00:00Copy video clip URL High angle footage of a football field as an announcer describes the illustrious history of The Lancers’ drum corps and lists their scheduled songs, including their “signature” song, “Danny Boy.”

00:56Copy video clip URL The Lancers perform, moving in patterns across the field while playing music. The camera alternates between the high angle and a camera on the field. 

03:45Copy video clip URL The Lancers’ second song. 

05:52Copy video clip URL Their third song. 

08:41Copy video clip URL Their fourth song,

11:23Copy video clip URL Their fifth song, “Danny Boy.”

13:53Copy video clip URL End of recording.

13:57Copy video clip URL Beginning of “Audio Testing” recording. The camera follows a woman walking through a medical center’s hallway. 

14:08Copy video clip URL A young girl and her mother meet with a staff member, then proceed to a room for testing the girl’s hearing. The camera stays on the technician operating the machine. 

18:55Copy video clip URL The girl is seen through an indoor window. 

19:30Copy video clip URL People wait in the waiting room.

20:57Copy video clip URL Footage of the outside of the front door, reading “Bristol Regional Speech & Hearing Center.”

22:25Copy video clip URL Conversation about the establishment of an arts program in the Norton school district in Southwest Virginia. 

24:58Copy video clip URL The incorporation of cultural background into education. 

27:37Copy video clip URL Production card for “Broadside Channel 12.”



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