[Marin / Moseley Election dub]

Several reports on the 1983 Chicago mayoral election by Carol Marin and produced by Don Moseley.

00:12Copy video clip URL The camera opens on Carol Marin reporting on an upcoming debate that will focus on the financial future of Chicago between mayoral candidates Richard M. Daley, Harold Washington, and incumbent mayor Jane Byrne. There is widespread debate about how much taxes and fees have risen under the Byrne administration, and this will be, in large part, the focus of the debate. Clips of all three candidates answering questions at other press conferences. Marin explains the format of the debate. Varying audio levels.

4:03Copy video clip URL Cut to a different Marin news report about steel workers that involves Alderman Edward Vrdolyak, Washington, Daley, and Byrne. This leads to reporting on the upcoming mayoral election. They report on candidate issues, like changes in public transit. They report on black voter turn out and accusations of racism against Vrdolyak.

29:47Copy video clip URL Video cuts to black. On screen: “The Money And The Movement.”

30:10Copy video clip URL Channel five news special about Rev. Jesse Jackson. They introduce Jackson as a figure controversial for some of his involvement in the civil rights movement, and for the sources of some of his funds. Marin recounts how Jackson reportedly was the one who cradled Martin Luther King, Jr. after he was shot, and how this changed his role as a civil rights leader.

34:45Copy video clip URL Marin shifts to talking about the controversy surrounding misuse of taxpayer money that went to a program he started for students and educators to “commit more of themselves to education.” An interview with Jackson is interspersed with other clips of him in action. They continue reporting on Operation Push, his political program, and the money that funds it.

51:40Copy video clip URL Marin reports on a South Side housing project that Jackson helped to receive federal support, seemingly in exchange for Jackson supporting the reelection of President Jimmy Carter. She reports on the possibility of Jackson as a political candidate.

57:55Copy video clip URL Special ends.

58:46Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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