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Reporter Carol Marin interviews Special Investigative Counsel David Schippers and Congressman Barney Frank (D, MA) regarding the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

0:01Copy video clip URL An unnamed host tells the audience that the subject of the program will be President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial, and that a special guest involved in the case will be on the show.

0:28Copy video clip URL The host “gives the floor” to Carol Marin, who continues to discuss further what the program will cover, and that the social guest’s name is David Schippers – whose title is “Chief Investigative Counsel”. 

0:57Copy video clip URL The footage transitions to Schippers speaking in an interview with Carol Marin. 

1:25Copy video clip URL Marin tells the audience about Schipper’s credentials and background.

2:23Copy video clip URL Marin tells he audience that she and her news crew were allowed to view legal documents relating to the case, with Schippers. 

2:26Copy video clip URL Marin tells the audience that the legal team that is assisting Schippers are all from Chicago. 

3:18Copy video clip URL Marin narrates further about Schippers’ background, and how he carries himself as and attorney. 

4:15Copy video clip URL Marin tells the audience about how Schippers didn’t intend to become an attorney – and a bit on his family life. 

6:37Copy video clip URL Marin reports that there is evidence that President Clinton perjured himself before a Federal Grand Jury.

8:12Copy video clip URL Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank speaks to Marin about why he’s against Schippers’ going after Clinton. 

8:59Copy video clip URL Schippers addresses the entirety of the US Congress, and the American People. 

10:05Copy video clip URL Frank continues to state his case about why he’s against Schippers’ legal endeavor. 

10:29Copy video clip URL Marin states that with a voting result that was “along party lines” in the US House of Representatives – two articles of impeachment were then sent to the US Senate.

11:16Copy video clip URL The “60 Minutes” logo appears.



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