Mark The Bird Fidrych #1

Raw interview footage with Mark--The Bird--Fidrych, former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, for the TNT special Once a Star.

00:05Copy video clip URL Color bars with audio of production crew and Mark Bird in Northborough, Massachusetts.

00:56Copy video clip URL Mark “The Bird” Fidrych at his farm. He tells anecdote of watching a player getting hit by an errant pitch, shattering his knee, and cutting short his career.

2:59Copy video clip URL Describes changing from minor league clubs in Detroit to the Detroit Tigers.

5:31Copy video clip URL Interviewer asks him whether he is “the same pitcher” now in relation to his start in the big league: “You tend to lose the motivation drive in the sport…” because of the soreness from pitching.

9:06Copy video clip URL Fidrych discusses how veteran players, like John Hill, would teach him about the game.

12:12Copy video clip URL Anecdote about the jokes veteran players would pull on him once he became successful–including a pseudo Western Union telegram fining Fidrych for $250 for swearing on national television.

14:59Copy video clip URL Talking about his 1976 fame– “What was going on with you?”  Fidrych– “I was just playing baseball…People didn’t distinguish me from the Bird and Mark…to me I was having fun and they were having fun and the vibrations of it bounced off each other.”

16:20Copy video clip URL “You could be a kid still [at Detroit].”

17:33Copy video clip URL Interviewer asks Fidrych about whether the Tigers signed him in order to fill their seats. Fidrych says no, and that he was simply part of a rotation: “It didn’t make any difference to me when it came down to it.” Interviewer: “Sounds like a little magic going on…” Fidrych: “Yeah, like in Minnesota where too many fans came!”

20:09Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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