Martha Feuer: Growing Up

Part one of an interview with Martha Feuer as part of Documenting Social History, an oral history project produced by Communications for Change with students at City Colleges of Chicago.

00:15Copy video clip URL “Martha Feuer: Growing up in Humboldt Park & Logan Square.” “Interviewed by: Michelle Feuer” “Taped & Edited by: Gale Green.” 

00:33Copy video clip URL Still photo of Feuer as a child. Michelle begins by asking Martha to talk about where she was born and how old she is. She talks about playing in prairies as a child, and the atmosphere of the Humboldt Park neighborhood. Martha speaks a bit about crime. She talks about her parents’ jobs, and then the way the neighborhood was changing when they moved. She talks about never seeing black people, and not seeing many Jewish people. She speaks about working and supporting her family.

16:40Copy video clip URL As they continue speaking, footage of a Chicago street, and houses along the street. Martha talks about changes in neighborhood demographics. She describes technological advances that happened over her lifetime. She talks about driving to picnics, and driving conditions. She describes the invention of the radio. A couple still photos dispersed throughout.

31:20Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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