[Martial law in Poland]

This is a series of three news reports covering the first week after the institution of martial law in Poland in response to the Solidarity union movement, with Elizabeth Brackett reporting from Vienna, Austria.

0:09Copy video clip URL In this news report, Elizabeth Brackett interviews people in Vienna, Austria who were trapped in Poland when the government instituted martial law in an attempt to destroy the Solidarity union movement. On a train into Vienna, she speaks to one man who saw striking students being beaten by soldiers as they were pulled from their dormitories. Another passenger says that he encountered soldiers who could not speak Polish. The Polish interpreter for the Austrian embassy heard rumors of aggressive action planned by Solidarity.

3:44Copy video clip URL This news report follows the situation in Poland after the first official report of casualties since the institution of martial law. The primary source of information has been coming from travelers through Poland and from Poles who managed to escape before martial law was enacted. Elizabeth Brackett interviews people in Vienna who speak about the increased military action in the streets of Poland. Many people are fleeing Poland and starting new lives elsewhere.

7:34Copy video clip URL This report continues to follow the effects of the Polish military regime. Austria is now burdened by a flood of refugees coming in from Poland. Brackett reports from Vienna, where the Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky appealed to friendly governments for help in supporting the Polish refugees. Austria has decided to accept all Polish refugees, but lacks the finances to support them. Brackett speaks to several people on the Chopin Express about the status of the Solidarity movement in Poland.

10:58Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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