[Mary Frances Veeck #1]

Audio only of an interview with Mary Frances Veeck. She describes meeting her husband, Bill Veeck, their marriage, their cooperation in the work place, and public relations in general. Shot to be used as voiceover in "Veeck: A Man for Any Season."

00:05Copy video clip URL “Mary Frances Veeck Reel 1.” Black screen with time code, Mary Frances’ voice over. She is in the middle of an anecdote about Studs and Ida Terkel.

1:30Copy video clip URL Producer Tom Weinberg prompting Mary Frances about their work ethics/working in general. Mary Frances: “It’s a marvelous thing that we can work together, because we come from very different [places]…which is more important, beating his [Veeck’s] head in, the show, or the marriage?”

3:19Copy video clip URL Weinberg: “Smoke is a definite part of the prop for Veeck…”

3:38Copy video clip URL Mary Frances describes her life before meeting Veeck–modeling, radio and television commercials, magazine advertisements. She became a press agent for Ice-capades.

4:15Copy video clip URL Tape interrupted by a damaged portion.

4:40Copy video clip URL Interviewer: “So when you first met Bill you found a publicist’s dream and he found a dream publicist…”

5:49Copy video clip URL Discussion of a mutual friend between Veeck and someone who bought the Cleveland stadium. Bill and Mary Frances met at this man’s party. Mary Frances discusses the public relations business.

7:37Copy video clip URL Mary Frances maintains that she and Veeck compliment each other. Their marriage was a case of “two executives getting together.” They took the year off after they were married. They had a ranch in Arizona, swimming pool, tennis courts, off-roading, parties. Married in April, a baby born in March.

9:40Copy video clip URL Mary Frances: “I have lived with this man, one of the great love affairs of all time… I don’t have to listen to any opera or any play and feel sad because I haven’t experienced this… I approached marriage–I never had a job I didn’t love–as a true career.”

11:25Copy video clip URL Mary Frances describes a man in DC being uneasy about a woman building a career. She says that Veeck assumed that she would be on board with buying the St. Louis team: “It was a thing that he was so interested in, he knew that I loved that whole business, so there it was that simple.”

13:35Copy video clip URL Mary Frances: “If I were writing a novel I would have to develop characters, I would not know what they would say until they said it, but Bill just goes…”

15:02Copy video clip URL “I made up my mind, we would never have big brouhaha’s in front of the cast and crew… but most of the time we agreed on what we wanted to do.”

15:27Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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