[Mary Frances Veeck #2]

Audio only of an interview with Mary Frances Veeck, wife of Bill Veeck. She discusses moving often, raising her children, and hosting/entertaining at her home. Shot to be used as voiceover in "Veeck: A Man for Any Season."

00:06Copy video clip URL Black screen with a time code. Audio of Mary Frances Veeck in the middle of an anecdote.

00:30Copy video clip URL Mary Frances discusses being flexible in both her career and in her marriage to Bill Veeck. Specifically, how she raised their children on the move. “We moved ten times the first eleven years we were married.”

2:09Copy video clip URL The boys were born when they were on the ranch, each delivery took six hours. The girls were born in the city, and each delivery took about two hours. Miscarriages tended to happen when they were really active in baseball.

3:08Copy video clip URL Interviewer prompts Mary Frances to talk about the emotional difficulty in these moves. “While it was true that I was older when I was married, I was still young enough to think that nothing was impossible… we did not get married to live apart…”

5:39Copy video clip URL “Bill is more of a gatherer-upper of many things. I didn’t keep things around. In the early days I had more control over that sort of thing.” Mary Frances discusses keeping the children in one place for a long period of time in Maryland: “We felt that we were a family and family belongs together.”

7:08Copy video clip URL Interviewer: “Bill has talked about you a lot, of course, … he always mentions that Mary Frances brings it all together… it seems like you have had such a tremendous impact… I think it’s really neat.”

7:56Copy video clip URL Mary Frances on Veeck’s illness: “One day it seems you’re the maverick, the youngest man in the history of the game to own and be president of a ball club…”

10:00Copy video clip URL “One day I looked down and wondered, when did [Bill] become the pater familias?”

10:50Copy video clip URL Mary Frances discusses entertaining and Bill’s easy-going and appreciative nature.”Our children did not know for years that you could go to someone’s house for an evening and have coffee and dessert. They thought everyone stayed over night and for days.”

15:04Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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