[Mary Frances Veeck #3]

Audio of interview with Mary Frances Veeck about her husband, Bill Veeck. She discusses Bill and her television/radio shows, publicity, and her experience in the arts. Shot to be used as voiceover in "Veeck: A Man for Any Season."

00:08Copy video clip URL “Mary Frances Veeck Reel 3.” Audio opens to Mary Frances giving an anecdote about telephones.

1:12Copy video clip URL Mary Frances talks about the different television shows in different states, which, before Chicago, were always called “The Bill Veeck Show” as per Mary Frances’ insistence.

2:24Copy video clip URL “The show in St. Louis was great fun.”

4:09Copy video clip URL Shows in Cleveland and Chicago (late fifties, early sixties). In 1966 and 1967 they did shows on WFLD-32, directed and produced by Sam Ventura. “Those were the shows that were the most fun to me, because they were not [about] sports…”

6:23Copy video clip URL Mary Frances discusses changing outfits and their nightly talk show, the first of its kind in the country, where any topic is possible (like birth control). She talks about the various authors to appear on the show.

8:18Copy video clip URL Mary Frances was the one who wanted to stop doing television. “It wasn’t that I was so gorgeous before, but I didn’t have to worry about camera angles… Even though I am perfectly comfortable in real life about who I am, I knew it would bother me.”

9:05Copy video clip URL Mary Frances says she would still love to do radio.

10:01Copy video clip URL Interviewer asks Mary Frances about being a publicist for Veeck, but Mary Frances denies that she was his publicist. “He was his own best publicist.”

12:08Copy video clip URL “I never knew whether I was any good at this [publicity/press agent]… I am a great rationalizer…” She discusses public relations and the arts.

16:09Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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