[Mary Frances Veeck #4]

Audio of interview with Mary Frances Veeck about her husband, Bill Veeck. Shot to be used as voiceover in "Veeck: A Man for Any Season."

00:05Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:21Copy video clip URL Time code.

00:37Copy video clip URL “Mary Frances Veeck Reel 4.” Audio of Mary Frances in the middle of an anecdote.

00:56Copy video clip URL Interviewer asks Mary Frances about being with Bill in light of his first marriage and being open with people. Mary Frances responds with an anecdote about her parents: “I had really wonderful parents… there was always room for somebody else… My mother was also a very generous woman…”

2:21Copy video clip URL “Our parents did for all of us what I don’t think any of us have done 100% with our children–they gave us such a good sense of who we were. We liked ourselves.”

3:39Copy video clip URL Mary Frances: “I don’t want them [my children] to know the word ‘stranger.'”

5:51Copy video clip URL Interviewer asks Mary Frances to elaborate on her (and Bill’s) independent personalities.”I think that if Bill had been a non-conformist for the sake of being a non-conformist I am sure we would not be married today. It smacks of phoniness.”

8:00Copy video clip URL Mary Frances talks about respecting everyone, the conscience, and being non-confrontational: “Everybody is in the same soup together.”

9:38Copy video clip URL “Bill and I are always pulling in the same direction.” She discusses the importance of calling one’s congressmen and provides an anecdote about simultaneously nursing a child and calling her representative.

11:48Copy video clip URL Private topic comes up (Bill’s upbringing) and Mary Frances is ambivalent about elaborating.”Bill grew up in an era and an area where you were sent to camp and all these things… they always felt that their mother sent them away… I think Bill had to find his whole life outside his home… I don’t think he had the same open relationship with his dad… Bill just figured boys take care of themselves.”

15:25Copy video clip URL Mary Frances talks about her children.

16:18Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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