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Several segments shot by Nancy Cain and Jody Procter for The 90's: Nixon Library, Blase Bonpane, Roz Wieman, Betsy Brown, activists in Eugene, Oregon, Radio Free Venice, Echo Man on Venice Beach, who should be president?.

0:00Copy video clip URL Black.

1:06Copy video clip URL Videomaker Nancy Cain walks through the garden to the birthplace of Richard Nixon. She records the plaque in front of the house commemorating Nixon’s life. She interviews visitors who are big Nixon supporters. They talk about how great the Nixon Library is. Cain asks them to take part in a video survey about the national election. The man says he would support anyone for president who supports family values and who is strong on home defense.

4:31Copy video clip URL Cain tries to enter the Nixon home and is told she can’t shoot video inside. Cain shoots inside the ladies room. She talks to a woman about the architecture.

6:11Copy video clip URL Cain watches the Nixon film at the museum. We see footage of Nixon accepting the nomination for president at the Republican National Convention.

6:31Copy video clip URL Cain talks to her husband, Paul Krassner, and a female friend. They say they were waiting for Cain outside the museum and they noticed that the security guards were checking their car and writing down the license plate number. They went over to ask what was going on and the security guards accused them of coming there to give out copies of Krassner’s counterculture newspaper The Realist, which they were not doing.

7:49Copy video clip URL New segment. Blase Bonpane in office talking on phone. He talks about the man who was recently elected President of Haiti. He ends the call and Cain asks him how he describes his job. He says that he has a non-profit organization focused on peace around the world. He says they focus on international diplomacy — they do what the State Department should be doing. He doesn’t like calling the work “activism” because they are more focused than the word generally connotes. Right now he is working on the New World Order and US hegemony over the planet. He is concerned about US interventions in Cuba and other places in this hemisphere. The group is sending a delegation to Cuba to promote a negotiated relationship between the US and Cuba. He says we treat countries differently based on military size.

13:47Copy video clip URL Pan around the office artwork. Cain continues to talk with Bonpane about free speech in the United States. He says that the President is free to speak to anyone at any time but regular people are only free to talk to a few people. He talks about the relationship between the mass media and the government, and describes the mass media as non-critical. He says we need to develop critical thinking in the US and distinguish critical thinking from cynicism.

17:17Copy video clip URL New segment. Nancy is joined by Jody Procter. Driving through California streets. Cain pulls in to a home. Roz Wieman talks about getting elected. She says that in 1953 she was the only woman on a major city council in the country. She says that women’s positions have improved over time, but are still problematic. She talks about her involvement with the Democratic Party.

18:52Copy video clip URL Photograph of Weiman with Jimmy Carter. She talks about Bill Bradley’s speech on civil liberties. She says that not having a civil rights package in your platform gains you votes. She says the most disgraceful thing that President George H.W. Bush did was call off the business community to work on civil rights bill.

20:54Copy video clip URL Photos of Weiman with Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. She says that Bush is almost constantly up for photo opportunities. She talks about Barbara Bush and people she has said bad things about, such as Eleanor Roosevelt, and says that she just surrounds herself with her grandchildren and dogs and doesn’t do anything. She says that we’re fighting the photo ops. Because of these things the masses think that Bush is leading the country right and not questioning the war.

23:20Copy video clip URL Photo of Weiman with Eleanor Roosevelt. Talks about the politics of the treatment of women — just occasionally letting a woman advance just for show. Talks about particular congresswoman who is an outspoken leader.

25:19Copy video clip URL Photos of Weiman with Presidents Johnson and Truman. Talks about Jerry Brown. Says he’s unelectable. Says Republicans are much more disciplined than Democrats. She is 60 and has been working in politics since she was 18.

27:32Copy video clip URL More photos with Kennedy, etc. She says that The Supreme Court will sit until the next generation of people is in their 70s. Says people don’t understand that when a president is elected you are deciding who will be in the Supreme Court for years. Claims a recently appointed justice is a hermit and doesn’t know anything about the world. Rips on Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas.

33:08Copy video clip URL Eugene, Oregon. Betsy Brown, wearing shirt saying “ordinary lesbian.” Lesbians on foot and on bikes protesting. She thinks heterosexuality is dangerous for women. She thinks it is important to fight for our rights. She doesn’t want to shut up the right wing because everyone should express themselves and because conservatives just look stupid when they say things. She doesn’t care if people don’t support gays, but does care when someone interferes with her civil rights.

34:53Copy video clip URL Parade for women, lesbian rights. Interview with sexual assault agency. Women hand out dental dams and condoms. Woman shows us how to make a dental dam out of a condom. Apparently dental dams are very hard to come by, and actually are used for dental work.

40:16Copy video clip URL Eugene, Oregon. Man shows us political stickers. These include “Organize,” “Practice nonviolence,” “Poverty is violence,” “Peace in space: no Star Wars,” “Question authority,” “Kill your television.” Member of the crew buys that one. “Nuclear free zone,” “Nationalize the oil companies,” “Stop racist attacks,” “Save the rainforests,” “Split wood, not atoms,” “Stop food irradiation,” “Say no to irradiated food,” “Suppose Kuwait’s main product was broccoli,” “The death penalty is dead wrong.”

44:03Copy video clip URL People outside a house talk about a vote that will be happening and the efforts they have made against it. They encourage citizen action. They are fighting to make sure that an abandoned school be turned in to a community center instead of apartments. The school was closed because of asbestos. Jody Procter talks to them. They show us their community center, which is just a tiny house. Man complains about conservatives, saying that the feeling that we are always being lied to by these people leads to the apathy that is characteristic of our youth today.

48:00Copy video clip URL Radio Free Venice. 104.7 FM. Inside house. Man shows us the transmitter that they use for the radio station. It’s a tiny machine on a closet floor. You can get on the air for less than $1,000 compared to $50,000 with the FCC license. The man explains that if you open up to the community, people come out of the woodwork to help, bringing anything they can. He talks about the crimes perpetrated by the FCC over the last 50 years — we should have radio stations all over the country like this, no matter what opinion they are expressing. Quotes Thomas Jefferson about sickly weak men being tyrants.

51:05Copy video clip URL Man does broadcast about national debt and other topics, like censorship.

53:04Copy video clip URL Echo Man on Venice Beach does national anthem with echo. Asks for tips.

54:25Copy video clip URL Lane Sarrisen, TV writer, says he would like to see Fred Rogers be president and Ralph Nader be vice president.

54:47Copy video clip URL Jody Sibert, artist, says she would like to see Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis for president, laughs, says she hasn’t even seen their movie, but that she trusts them.

55:26Copy video clip URL Paul Krassner, editor for the Realist, chooses Senator Gonzales from Texas for president, because he is honest, was the lone voice in Congress supporting the idea that the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy, lone voice calling for Bush impeachment. If not him, then Pee Wee Herman, “’cause if he can get himself off, maybe he can get all of us off.”

56:12Copy video clip URL Blase Bonpane, professor. He would trust Jesse Jackson, whom he campaigned for in ’84 and ’88. For future elections: Ralph Nader or Noam Chomsky, someone outside of politics like in they do in Eastern Europe, people who don’t have a history of trying to buy elections. He jokes that we have best government that money can buy. He talks about election campaign reform options.

57:55Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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