Max Patkin #4

Footage shot for the special "Once a Star." This tape features baseball clown Max Patkin.

00:00Copy video clip URL This is a continuation of footage of Max Patkin, baseball clown.

01:00Copy video clip URL Footage of Max Patkin doing his act at a minor league baseball game. He gets dowsed with water and covered in mud. The videomaker expresses dissatisfaction that he’s doing it on the wrong side of the field and the video only catches him from behind.

02:05Copy video clip URL Patkin resumes “coaching” third base. His pants fall off.

05:40Copy video clip URL Patkin is going to “show the Peoria Chiefs how to hit.” He goes to the plate with a lot of bats and engages in hijinks with the catcher. When he hits the ball, he runs to third base instead of first.

07:38Copy video clip URL The crowd gives Max a hand. The announcer says it’s his fortieth season performing.

08:40Copy video clip URL An interview with a man who says that they need to have things other than the game on display for minor league baseball, since there isn’t the name recognition. “When Max goes, there’s no other… that’s going to be the end of it.” He’s one of a kind.

11:50Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with Max Patkin. He’s all cleaned up. He says the kids like it best when he gets dirty, and that if the game is interesting, he has a hard time keeping their attention.

13:00Copy video clip URL Patkin tells all kinds of anecdotes.

15:18Copy video clip URL Patkin talks about how he got into performance. He used to play minor league baseball. When he was in the Navy, he pitched against Joe DiMaggio, who was batting for the Army, in a service league game. DiMaggio hit a homerun off him, and Patkin followed him around the bases. The players all patted him on the back.

18:52Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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  1. Max Patkin was on in a million & 1 of a kind. He was from an era that was a defining moment in time that was the greatest we will ever see, Thanks MAX PATKIN.

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