Max Patkin #5

00:00Copy video clip URL This is the continuation of an interview with Max Patkin, baseball clown.

02:30Copy video clip URL Patkin talks about touring with the Harlem Globetrotters. He talks for a little bit about Sweetwater Clifton’s baseball skills. He also did a show at football games, for the Baltimore Colts.

05:30Copy video clip URL He has fun doing his work, even if he doesn’t get paid much.

06:21Copy video clip URL His minor league baseball career ended when his arm bone got chipped by someone sliding into home plate. He says he held a record for wild pitches.

09:30Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg asks Patkin how he would respond to people who think he’s “small time.” Patkin says it’s partly true. Whatever coverage he gets will get on the local news and go no further. But he did perform with the Cleveland Indians because Bill Veeck brought him in.

14:00Copy video clip URL Patkin shares more anecdotes of people he’s met and awards he’s received.

16:49Copy video clip URL Patkin talks about the old days of baseball. Sports writers traveled with the ballplayers and the players got to know each other better riding on the trains together. He misses the odd bounces in the grass, as opposed to artificial turf. He also thinks there’s too much money in it now: “I can’t believe what some of these .230 hitters are getting!”

19:42Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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