Max Patkin #6

00:00Copy video clip URL This is the continuation of an interview with Max Patkin, baseball clown.

00:59Copy video clip URL Patkin talks about traveling the country and performing even when he was injured. He also had mental problems because of the pressure of being funny night after night and because of personal problems.

03:49Copy video clip URL Patkin talks about his idols.

04:30Copy video clip URL He talks about doing his act with then Vice President George (H.W.) Bush. Bush wrote a letter to Max, and sent him an invitation to the inauguration.

06:26Copy video clip URL Patkin talks about the loneliness of traveling from place to place for his act. He gets happy when he’s at the ballpark and can interact with people. He can’t wait to see his family. He tries not to stay away for more than two weeks.

08:00Copy video clip URL Some games are hard to work–there’s rain or there’s too much riding on the game to make people laugh.

10:09Copy video clip URL Patkin tells a story about how Jim Bunning held a grudge against him. This causes him to segue into talking about other players whom he encountered in the minor leagues before they were famous big league players.

11:13Copy video clip URL He says the physical and mental are what will ultimately make him stop.

14:05Copy video clip URL Patkin is proud of what he does. He’s “The Clown Prince of Baseball.” One of a kind. He insists that he deserves to be in the baseball hall of fame.

15:09Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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