[Media Burn on Nightwatch]

A partial episode of the show Nightwatch, a show where Gene Siskel presents samples of independent film and video and discusses them with callers. Tom Weinberg is a guest on the show, presenting Media Burn.

0:00Copy video clip URL Gene Siskel introduces the show and explains that the show is suffering due to the lack of callers. Siskel feels that the viewing audience does not believe that the show is actually broadcast live, and sets out to prove it by showing old clips of the show.

1:08Copy video clip URL Clips of Siskel on Nightwatch in April and October 1977.

1:22Copy video clip URL Cut to present again. Siskel says we will talk to a Chicago psychiatrist about seasonal depression, then introduces Media Burn by Ant Farm.

2:00Copy video clip URL Cut to description of Media Burn.

2:51Copy video clip URL Siskel says he’s only going to show the first five minutes of Media Burn. Media Burn opens with assorted TV news clips, but cuts back to the studio after a few seconds.

3:25Copy video clip URL Siskel returns after the brief clip with guest Tom Weinberg. Siskel asks him about the triangle on the logo. Weinberg refuses to talk at this point, insisting they should watch the rest of the tape.

4:45Copy video clip URL More from Media Burn, including Doug Hall’s speech as John F. Kennedy, followed by the car crash and credits.

6:12Copy video clip URL Siskel begins talking over the credits. Weinberg protests that the tape is still going. Siskel ignores this and asks Weinberg why they made the tape and what the point is. Weinberg explains the background for the creation of Media Burn and talks about the personalities of the makers, but he doesn’t want to talk about why they brought in JFK or interpret the tape for the viewers. He then complains that we didn’t really get a chance to see the tape and complains about the way television works. Siskel talks about some square tape produced by Channel 11, which is about the insides of refrigerators.

10:09Copy video clip URL Cut to the refrigerator tape.

10:19Copy video clip URL Siskel says that Weinberg may have wanted to make a point about not wanting to talk about the tape, but if so, Weinberg shouldn’t have agreed to come on the show. Someone calls about the refrigerator tape.

11:04Copy video clip URL Siskel talks about a tape called “Another Day” that is the day in the life of a New Yorker, by Joel Gold.

11:51Copy video clip URL We watch Gold’s tape. Gold wakes up in bed singing. Says he has a hard time with time. Gets ready in the bathroom. Talks about the precautions he takes to make sure he gets through the day. Wears vest saying “Don’t shoot. I am a man.” Rides subway. Watches TV at some sort of public viewing station. Interviews man who watches those all the time. He goes in between betting at the OTB. Gold watches TV at home. Gold on the TV singing about liking to sing to your TV. Goes to Pick and Pay to buy junk food.

22:45Copy video clip URL Tape ends abruptly.



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