Media Burn’s 10th Anniversary Video Ball, Free Spirit Media camera, part 1

Footage of Media Burn's Video Ball celebrating its 10 year anniversary shot by young videographers from Free Spirit Media.

0:00Copy video clip URL B-roll of caterers, the limited edition “Media Burn” hot sauce, and some of the area during set-up.

2:13Copy video clip URL B-roll of the band playing, no audio or distorted audio.

6:11Copy video clip URL Nate Herman introduces the Video Ball and makes jokes.

10:43Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg speaks and thanks everyone for coming and especially those who helped make the Video Ball happen.

13:12Copy video clip URL Nate Herman introduces the next speaker.

14:16Copy video clip URL Ben Kolak of Scrappers Film Group gives a speech about Media Burn. He’s wearing a helmet with a camera on him, which interferes with his talking.

15:57Copy video clip URL Elizabeth Coffman talks about the history preserved on the tapes, and notes how the footage of the first Earth Day are currently being preserved in Germany because “Tom Weinberg didn’t get to them fast enough.”

17:53Copy video clip URL Elizabeth notes the importance of preserving the history, and that Media Burn is working to keep that history alive and publicly available.

18:45Copy video clip URL Nate Herman encourages people to buy raffle tickets and talks about the various things on display at the party.

24:07Copy video clip URL The camera crew interviews Tom Weinberg, who talks a little bit about who he is.

25:09Copy video clip URL Tom brings Sara Chapman over to join the interview. She talks about how the videos in the archive “don’t exist anywhere else in the world.” She says that Media Burn takes videos that no one has ever seen and making it so that anyone in the world can see them.

26:06Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks about favorite videos in the archive. Sara talks about the tv series The 90’s and the documentary Vito. “We’re so happy people came together to celebrate this event.”

28:01Copy video clip URL The crew interviews Stephanie Everly, a volunteer at the Video Ball. She talks about how Media Burn is local to Chicago, and that she admires people doing what they love.

29:23Copy video clip URL The crew interviews Nate Herman, who makes jokes. At the end, he sincerely thanks the Free Spirit Media crew for the work they’re doing to help document the event.

30:56Copy video clip URL Helen Cooperson says she’s excited to be at a rooftop party and to meet and talk with the other people there.

31:58Copy video clip URL The crew interview Sean Schönherr and Eddie Becker. Eddie and Sean joke around about how Sean’s job is to “make other people’s work interesting” and how Eddie is one of those “other people.” Sean talks about one of his favorite pieces, “The Good Times are Killing Me,” and they both discuss the tv series The 90’s. Eddie asks the interviewer to come in front of the camera and talk about herself, but she declines.

35:45Copy video clip URL B-roll of the TV Wall set up by Scrappers Film Group. People play around with an old portapak and other cameras connected to the TV Wall.



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