Media Burn’s 10th Anniversary Video Ball, Kartemquin camera, part 2

Media Burn 10th Anniversary Video Ball on September 28, 2014.

Footage of Media Burn’s Video Ball celebrating its 10 year anniversary shot by an intern at Kartemquin Films.

0:00Copy video clip URL The camera operator shoots footage of the reconstructed set from “This Week in Joe’s Basement.” He also shoots more footage of buildings and of the TV Wall.

5:38Copy video clip URL B-roll of the streets around the parking garage, people giving speeches, and people enjoying themselves at the party.

11:10Copy video clip URL The camera operator shoots more footage at the TV Wall and asks people about the Portapak.

12:38Copy video clip URL Eddie Becker talks about problems they had to face when using the Sony Portapak. He shows how some of it works and talks about how patient you had to be.

18:48Copy video clip URL Eddie talks about how the editing had to be done lineally. There was no cutting and inserting, you just copied each segment you wanted, one after the other.

26:00Copy video clip URL Eddie talks about how he got to know Tom Weinberg and the work he did on The 90’s.

28:48Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to the end of the auction.

32:52Copy video clip URL The band plays a couple songs. The audio is a little uneven at parts but generally okay.

41:07Copy video clip URL Nick Fraccaro announces the Video Drop. The cameraman follows as people go up to the upper level of the parking garage to drop the video reels.

46:52Copy video clip URL The video reels drop and Tom Weinberg drives through the “video wall” with his car.

47:37Copy video clip URL Shot of a TV from the TV Wall displaying footage from the video drone.

48:48Copy video clip URL B-roll of the street and buildings. Footage of people disassembling the TV Wall and Joe’s Basement.



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