Video documentation of a meeting about a proposed preschool education program.

00:00Copy video clip URL People sitting around a table. Cross-talk, difficult to understand. 

01:28Copy video clip URL The meeting begins. Discussion of supplies and locations, including churches. 

04:52Copy video clip URL The video cuts out briefly. 

05:00Copy video clip URL Discussion of the children’s education program. The need for children to get every possible educational opportunity and advantage. 

08:04Copy video clip URL The screening for the education program, and the difficulties for developmentally challenged children. Possible evaluations for children in the program to test for effectiveness and delays in development. 

13:47Copy video clip URL A break in the video, followed by flipping through programs on broadcast TV channels, including The Price Is Right and The Andy Griffith Show. The rest of the tape is devoted to snippets of broadcast TV shows, including several game shows and commercials. 



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