[Men’s Group 2nd taping]

A conflict between two men in a group therapy session.

00:05Copy video clip URL A man with a mustache and bushy hair tells the videographer that he is hostile because the videographer reminds him of a man who “used to dominate” him.  He discusses the way the videographer’s behavior has been making people uncomfortable. 

02:00Copy video clip URL A man with longer hair points out that it’s necessary to direct people handling the camera to not point it towards the light because it can damage the camera, and that he doesn’t want the camera to interfere with the therapeutic process. They discuss microaggressions between the two of them and the power dynamics between them. 

06:06Copy video clip URL The bushy haired man responds, agreeing partially but claiming that the videographer habitually interrupts whether or not he is using the camera. The two of them discuss their dynamics further to “figure out why we’re feeling this way.” 

12:06Copy video clip URL Another member of the group points out that the videographer sometimes comes off “in a particular way” that is off-putting. The other member of the group understands why the videographer needed to give instructions 

15:00Copy video clip URL They continue to discuss the videographer’s “teacherly manner” and concerns about him “acting superior” and the “domination components” of his behavior. 

20:00Copy video clip URL One of the men discusses his history of having blow ups with men who try to dominate him and act aggressive towards him. 

23:00Copy video clip URL The men discuss his responses to domination and aggression. 

26:14Copy video clip URL The videographer asks about dominating women, but the they direct the conversation back to the conflict between the two men. Another man tries to change the subject because that is a longterm and emotionally charged conflict. 




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