Message to the Grass Roots: The L.A. Uprising: Before, During, and… Is It Over?

A program composed of field commentary by Michael Zinzun interspersed with documentary footage shot by Raegan Kelly, Ray Rodgers, and a news program about the Rodney King incident. This was produced by Luca Celada and East West Productions.

00:06Copy video clip URL Color bars, black.

01:28Copy video clip URL Title: “Message to the Grass Roots with Michael Zinzun: The L.A. Uprising: Before, During, and … Is It Over?” Footage of fires burning. Zinzun speaks about what part of the community was most impacted by fires in the L.A. Uprising. Zinzun walks through buildings that were burned down in the fire, and talks about why certain buildings were targeted. Zinzun introduces the show as an investigation of the Rodney King beating, the trial of the officers, and the aftermath. 

4:10Copy video clip URL Footage from a documentary, “La Guerra In Casa: Il Caso Rodney King.” People protesting police violence. Clips: several community members give anecdotes of violence. Brian Allen gives an account of a traffic stop that turned violent. George Holliday, a man who recorded the incident, describes what he saw. Ramona Ripston describes the violent encounter. Rodney King describes his beating with the police. Demonstration of the stun guns used. Footage of the event. Attorneys, police officers, and witnesses discuss the violence that occurred against King.  They speak about the emergence of the video tape of the beating. An attorney describes racism in the department and the community reaction. 

18:45Copy video clip URL They discuss the structure of the LAPD, and the way that the function within the L.A. Community. They speak about the training and militarization of the police department. Footage of police training. Zinzun speaks about hypocrisy in the LAPD. They talk about a raid that destroyed four apartment buildings in L.A. and liken the behavior to gang violence after the police sprayed the walls with spray paint. They return to the footage of the King beating, and an attorney analyzes it. 

48:40Copy video clip URL Mabie Settlage, an L.A. high school teacher asks Zinzun some questions in front a burned storefront. They speak about the riots as a rebellion, and what things need to change for the L.A. community to improve. Cut to former gang members speaking about changes that need to be made in the community. They speak about the gang truce. Footage of police, the L.A. neighborhood, and arrests. 

57:40Copy video clip URL Credits.

58:36Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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