[Message to the Grassroots raw: Bernice McDaniels interview]

Field footage shot by Michael Zinzun with Nancy Buchanan assistance in Kings Villages, Pasadena, CA. Zinzun explores broken promises for resident ownership, issues with management, and unprovoked evictions. He speaks with residents who depend on Section 8 assistance.

00:02Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a woman, Bernice McDaniels sitting in her backyard. Interviewer and cameraman, Michael Zinzun, asks her to introduce herself. She speaks about living in the King Village neighborhood for 17 years, and the changes she saw while living there. They speak about evictions in the neighborhood. She speaks about organizing against the unfair evictions. She speaks about drug problems in the housing complex. B-roll footage of her walking.

15:18Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of the housing complex. McDaniels walks around the complex and talk about the different spaces. B-roll footage. Footage inside the laundry room. Another woman who lives in the housing complex speaks about why management wants to evict the tenants. A resident points out a safe house in the complex.

29:20Copy video clip URL B-roll footage of a park. Footage from a moving car around the city. Zinzun makes sparse comments about the neighborhood, and speaks with a woman. 

34:00Copy video clip URL Driving around Watts. Footage of Imperial Courts, Will Rogers Park, and Nickerson Gardens. They talk about the condition of the apartments.

1:05:00Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

1:05:38Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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