Message to the Grassroots: Henry Peco Justice Committee Part 2 of 2

An episode of Message to the Grassroots, a cable access talk show produced & hosted by Michael Zinzun from 1988-1998 at Pasadena Community Access Corporation, which is now Pasadena Media.

On November 19, 1991, Henry “Tiny” Peco was shot and killed by LAPD in Imperial Courts Housing Project, Watts. Peco’s cousin Dewayne Holmes. In early December that year, Dewayne Holmes and his family organized the Henry Peco Justice Committee and hundreds took to the streets.

00:34Copy video clip URL The program begins and Michael Zinzun introduces the topic, The Henry Peco Justice Committee.

01:24Copy video clip URL The show takes a call from a listener. 

03:10Copy video clip URL Perry Crouch responds to the caller. He talks about Watts. He specifically talks about the dangerously close proximity between the different gangs. He talks about the lack of infrastructure in Watts and the lack of community resources. 

04:58Copy video clip URL The show takes another call. 

07:25Copy video clip URL Michael Zinzun briefly laments the plight of the Black youth: how racism and white supremacy are not treated with the gravity that they should and young Black people are filling the prisons. 

07:58Copy video clip URL The show takes another call. 

09:06Copy video clip URL The conversation turns to financial freedom and independence for the Black community. They briefly touch on reparations. 

09:50Copy video clip URL A video produced by Message to the Grassroots plays. They interview detainee, Dwayne Holmes, and he talks about gang violence, religion, and turning his life around. He discusses seeking truces and working for peace. 

14:00Copy video clip URL He talks about which gangs run Watts. Holmes also talks about how peace could be achieved and sounds hopeful for what it could mean for the community. 

15:24Copy video clip URL Footage from a Truce Party in Imperial Courts on April 27, 1992 plays. 

16:10Copy video clip URL The show returns to Michael Zinzun and his panelists in the studio. 

16:40Copy video clip URL The show takes another call. 

18:30Copy video clip URL Zinzun turns the conversation over to Dannette Holmes. She talks about supporting her brother but specifically, she wants to speak to the Black women listening. She implores them to support the men in their lives. She tells the other neighborhoods that are not involved in the truce to get with it. She asks the women who have gang members in their lives to try and get them to join the truce.

 21:47Copy video clip URL Zinzun asks his listeners to heed her words. 

22:00Copy video clip URL The show takes another call. 

23:00Copy video clip URL Zinzun asks each of his panelists, starting with Dwayne Holmes’ mother, to give a quick 30-second message to the viewers. He gives them a platform. 

27:30Copy video clip URL Michael Zinzun signs off the show. 




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