[Michael Feldman #1]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Raw tape of a live performance by Michael Feldman in Chicago.

0:00 Color bars over Feldman introducing the audience to the show.

0:18 Feldman talks to audience, camera shows audience. He leads the audience in responding to the question: “Whad’ya know?” A: “Not much. You?”

1:45 Feldman tries to get adjusted to his desk and goes off to find his pen.

3:40 Show begins and announcer counts in the show, being taped at the Blackstone Theatre in Chicago. The show will feature Michael Sneed from the Chicago Sun-Times and saxaphonist Von Freeman.

4:30 Introduction of Feldman. He talks about the weather and explains a joke he made at the very beginning of the show.

6:05 ‘It’s good to be back in Chicago, now that the wall has come down between Wisconsin and Chicago.” “Chicago is a great place, where else can a Cellozi meet an Ettelson.” Talks about meeting his wife, getting married at a Vienna stand: “We had a Polish with the works wedding.”

9:04 Feldman does jokes about news items: new plans to build building larger than Sears tower, fining of a CTA officer who took a bribe: “he comes out ahead.”

10:55 Feldman introduces Michael Sneed to the crowd. They joke, and talk about some aldermen who are under suspicion of having been involved in shady dealings.

15:15 Feldman and Sneed talk about Chicago’s gangster reputation, and seeing men wearing fur coats.

16:20 Sneed talks about Prince Charles and his bald spot. Sneed talks about lavish furnishings at Buckingham Palace. Feldman talks about Prince Charles collecting or iginal Crapper toilets.

19:15 Feldman talks to Sneed about her sources. She says they’re mainly “office malcontents.”

20:10 Feldman asks her about interesting people in Chicago. Sneed says, “the most fascinating people in Chicago are the politicians.” The offices hisses her mentions of specific politicians.

21:40 END



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