[Michael Mixxin Moor raw #1: at home]

Tom Weinberg goes to Los Angeles to interview hip hop pioneer Michael Mixxin Moor. Audio levels are erratic. Much of the talk is concerned with the recent U.S. military intervention in Somalia. There are spots within the tape where the sounds cuts out almost completely.

0:00Copy video clip URL Tom on the journey, talking about his new show, Watch It!

4:22Copy video clip URL Exterior of house, presumably Moor’s.

4:43Copy video clip URL Interior of house. Shots of posters for events with Moor, correspondence with famous people, Nation of Islam paraphernalia, etc.

6:55Copy video clip URL Moor enters the picture, hugging his little girl, Ajah, and sending her off to school.

9:02Copy video clip URL Moor in his home studio playing material that he had recently remixed.

13:20Copy video clip URL The song finishes and Moor talks about remixing songs and adding political sound bytes, such as quotes from his extensive collection of Louis Farrakhan tapes or audio from mosque services. He then discusses the US military action in Somalia, which of he is naturally suspicious. “Who is going to control the natural resources of the motherland? Who is going to control Africa?… It’s all prophecy come to pass, so I’m not surprised.”

19:13Copy video clip URL “Hip hop is a culture, a way of life. Rap is the music of hip hop.” He talks about his radio show and the way it encompasses all the elements of hip hop: “The music is a lure… and then you hear the message… and before you know it, you like what you hear and you wanna hear more.” He later goes in to some numerology and how it relates to Bill Clinton being the devil, etc.

25:42Copy video clip URL Moor shows us how he records the audio from the news every day to get segments to use in his remixes. He discusses natural disasters and relates them to the teachings of Farrakhan and the book of Revelations. He then describes how the government and media undermine Louis Farrakhan and spread lies about him and the Nation of Islam.

45:30Copy video clip URL Interview seems to be over. Then Moor begins to talk about a politically-oriented rap group called Compton’s Righteous, who is coming on his show this evening. Moor then edits a few audio clips from news reports about Somalia he plans to use.

54:00Copy video clip URL Moor talks about Sister Souljah, who had recently made some controversial statements about race relations. Moor tries to defend her, and then defends some other statements by Ice Cube.

1:00:49Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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