[Michael Mixxin Moor raw #2: at KCRW #1]

Raw tape with hip hop pioneer Michael Mixxin Moor at radio station KCRW for his show "The Militant Mastermixx." Audio levels are erratic.

00:32Copy video clip URL Crew goes out to shoot the moon outside the studio

01:43Copy video clip URL Moor getting out of his car, walking into KCRW

04:00Copy video clip URL Retrieving his mail, “Do you get hate mail?”, “No, I’m not promoting hate, so I hope that I’m not producing something that would come back.” The crew setting up to shoot

06:53Copy video clip URL In the studio, Moor sets up for the show.

08:30Copy video clip URL Outside the studio, moon in the parking lot again.

10:23Copy video clip URL Back in studio, previous DJ ending her show, Moor preparing to start his.

00:12:18Copy video clip URL Close up of handwritten sign in studio and the clock, show starts at midnight.

14:05Copy video clip URL Some ads for KCRW are played, Tom talks to a volunteer in the studio who is just leaving for the night.

15:00Copy video clip URL Militant Mastermixx begins, Moor plays the mixes that he made the previous day.

17:18Copy video clip URL Shot of the second camera man (Jim Mulryan) and boom.

18:00Copy video clip URL Shot of Moor listening to mix, which uses mostly soundbites about Somalia that he took off the radio the previous day.

20:35Copy video clip URL Moor plays “Black Phobia” by Compton’s Righteous, the group which he’ll be speaking with later in the show. Moor smiles and asks if crew is bored. “All the work was done yesterday.”

24:25Copy video clip URL Mix of more clips about Somalia with “Black Phobia.”

26:00Copy video clip URL Tom talks briefly to Moor, Don aka “Nubian Scribe” enters the studio and talks to the camera about Urb, a hip hop journal and how he’d like to bring what Moor does into the classroom to inspire L.A high school students and educate them about the media.

33:09Copy video clip URL Moor calls his show “alternative media, edutainment.” Tom talks about the difficulty of trying to get his own programs on TV.

36:42Copy video clip URL Moor speaking on air with members of the group Compton’s Righteous (low audio). They talk about putting out their own record out on an independent label. “Stop playing with those deadly toys and pick up some books.”

42:00Copy video clip URL Moor puts on another mix, talks more with CR off the air.

43:08Copy video clip URL Tom talks with a member of CR, who speaks about how being a drummer for the drill team”kept us close to the beats, out of trouble,” he also now works a day job with kids for the parks and recreation service.

46:29Copy video clip URL Moor talking to CR, talks about struggling to get his mixes out there, sound bites about Clinton “He’s no different than Bush.” Tom argues against this point. Moor goes on to speak about secret societies, fraternity, ritual.

53:46Copy video clip URL Poor video quality here, ends


56:00Copy video clip URL Continues to talk about Clinton as a Rhodes Scholar, secret societies… “groups of highly regarded minds, those who believe they are superior.”

01:00:00Copy video clip URL talking about going to KCRW during the curfew.



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