Midnight Basketball League

The Midnight Basketball league team, the Pistons, get ready for a game at the Henry Horner Boys and Girls Club and get a visit from Attorney General Neil Hartigan, who praises the work of the League.

00:00Copy video clip URL Entrance to a locker room where basketball players separate uniforms and warmup clothes according to size and initials before an upcoming game. A coach briefs the players on game strategy and their possibilities in the upcoming playoffs. Their team name is the Pistons.

08:15Copy video clip URL Other players begin to enter and dress for the warmup and upcoming game. The player’s coach coordinates the team’s strategy with the other players.

10:20Copy video clip URL Players begin warming up on the court. Free-form drills and practice layups and jump shots occur around the hoop.

12:39Copy video clip URL View of the practice warmup from a hallway leading to the court.

13:00Copy video clip URL Spectators begin to gather in sideline bleachers. Warmup continues. Players exchange lighthearted banter with each other.

15:39Copy video clip URL View from the court floor of free throw and three point shots.

16:33Copy video clip URL A timekeeping and scoreboard table has assembled. A league officiator discusses uniform policies with players. Coaches submit their starting lineups and determine proper uniform numbering.

18:51Copy video clip URL Two men discuss the issue of one coach not making an appearance and the need for responsible coaches. Players continue practicing layup shots and dunks.

21:00Copy video clip URL A league official conducts an official welcome and announces the starting lineups.

22:20Copy video clip URL The Pistons gather for a pre-tipoff huddle. The teams gather at center court for the start of the game. The game begins. Various shots of the game flow, with views of the Pistons’ coach and sideline.

26:04Copy video clip URL The league officiator talks with then Attorney General Neil Hartigan, saying, “We’re not just playing basketball here. We’re doing a lot more.” Hartigan talks about job training and mentions that one little known fact is that the Governor of Illinois controls ten times the budget of the state National Guard. Video tape deterioration has distorted portions of this footage. The officiator introduces Hartigan to the crowd. He praises the work of the Midnight Basketball League, asking for support in his run for governor of Illinois to implement more programs like it throughout Illinois.

28:18Copy video clip URL The Pistons take a team picture with Hartigan. He introduces himself to the players and then takes another picture with the other team. Hartigan shakes hands with spectators on the bleachers and then sits down to watch the rest of the game.

35:07Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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  1. brian lecrone says:

    I am producing a program for residents (inmates) in the London, Ohio prison in which I serve as a volunteer. The program is the brainchild of a resident who “was not scared straight by the Scared Straight program.” It is directed toward at-risk youth, mostly non-caucasian. Each “volume” – we are currently producing volume II – consists of 1 or 2 residents talking about trauma and how to escape the effects of trauma and consists of 3 rap videos written & composed by residents. I am producing these at no cost … just me, camera, audio and lights using residents as grips and other support.

    I was really surprised when Volume I was so well received throughout halfway houses in Ohio. (So I am told. They ordered 100 dvds) So, I want to improve upon Volume I as I produced Volume II. Basically, I want to add b-roll footage of kids living their trauamas. i.e. on the streets. I won’t bore you with the details of why I can’t go shoot the footage. My question is this: Do you have any footage of “at-risk” youths, age 5 to 20, that are experiencing trauma in their life?

    Thank you and God bless you for any help that you can give me.

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