Milly’s Orchid Show, May 2, 1992

A performance of the variety show Milly's Orchid Show on May 2, 1992. Hosted by Brigid Murphy, this program includes performers such as David Sedaris, John Kelly, and Samantha and Her Amazing Love Rats.

0:00Copy video clip URL Inside the darkened theater, a video is projected. Footage is silent until 3:00. The voice of a DJ announcing and then playing songs is heard over the PA. Eventually the sound cuts out and the video is turned off.

04:50Copy video clip URL Milly is heard singing her entrance song from the darkened stage. After this, the lights come on and she enters from behind a large broken heart. With Robert Cornelius and the Coal Diggers behind her, she sings a medley of “Puppy Love,” “Love Will Keep Us Together, “Your Cheatin’ Heart,””Lookin’ For Love,” “Feels Like the First Time,” and “A Whole Lotta Love.” Milly introduces the escort she rented for the night, who comes to the stage and does a twirl. He carries a plate of Billy Ben Bob’s Spreadable Liver, which she offers to the crowd. She introduces Frank and Tammy Romani.

16:00Copy video clip URL The Romanis come to the stage and perform a tango routine.

20:25Copy video clip URL Milly and her escort return to stage, and introduce David Sedaris.

22:35Copy video clip URL David Sedaris reads a series of short vignettes from his diary concerning chimps, gun ownership, radio dramas, and other topics.

33:50Copy video clip URL Milly and escort take the stage; she engages in general banter with the audience. She introduces Samantha and Her Amazing Love Rats.

37:00Copy video clip URL Samantha directs the rats as they do various acrobatic tricks. Milly takes the stage and makes note of the rats’ outfits. She speaks of the usefulness of cocktail napkins. She thanks the various people supporting the show, particularly John Logan’s choreography of the opening number. She improvises and recites a love poem, and then announces Joni Mitchell as the next performer.

48:15Copy video clip URL John Kelly performs as Joni Mitchell, singing “Rainy Night House,” “You Turn Me On I’m a Radio,” and “Wigstock” (to the tune of “Woodstock”). Milly takes the stage and debates whether or not to have a drink. She announces the next show, and then directs the audience’s attention to the video screen

1:03:20Copy video clip URL The video ‘Little Lips’ by Dan Carlson is shown.

1:04:20Copy video clip URL Milly announces her line of lingerie, which the Coal Diggers model, using the stage as a runway. Milly hands out bars of soap to the audience. She implores the audience to stand and leads them in a round of stretches as “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” plays in the background. She encourages her escort to remove his jacket. She introduces David Sedaris again.

1:16:45Copy video clip URL David Sedaris reads a faux love letter.

1:27:20Copy video clip URL Milly and escort return to stage. A video ad for Billy Ben Bob’s Sausage is projected. Afterwards, Milly shares her makeup tips with the audience. She explains the background of Dagmar Onassis, who she claims is the child of Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis.

1:33:00Copy video clip URL Dagmar Onassis (aka John Kelly) sings “The Love Market” and “Dat’s Love.”

1:42:20Copy video clip URL Milly returns and introduces the band, and then brings out Willie May. She recites a piece from The Merchant of Venice. Milly returns and thanks her escort. She points out her Aunt Rita in the crowd, and sings her exit song. The stage is cleared, but Milly returns to thank the DJ, Andy Dunkley.

1:53:30Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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