Milly’s Orchid Show, 2003, pt. 1

A performance of Milly's Orchid Show in Three Oaks, Michigan in 2003. Hosted by Brigid Murphy, this program features Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel, Kurt Elling, and Jane's Country Kin.

00:00Copy video clip URL Various footage of people hanging around in the park. A juggling man leads a parade of children to the front of the gazebo stage. A band plays off-screen.

02:00Copy video clip URL A truck carrying a large fiberglass chicken rolls into the park. Milly is perched atop the chicken, singing her entrance song. She tries to dismount the chicken, and then apologizes to the audience for turning her back to them. She walks to the gazebo and greets the audience. She leads the audience in a twirl and convinces the drummer to do a quick roll. She runs down the list of performers, and then offers her condolences over the recent deaths of Katherine Hepburn, June Carter Cash, and Barry White. She introduces Anna Fermin and Trigger Gospel.

10:00Copy video clip URL Anna Fermin and Trigger Gospel sing several songs.

27:40Copy video clip URL Milly takes the stage and introduces Donna Fulks, who has designed signs for each act. Milly makes note of the merchandise for sale. She interviews some children from the local little league. A woman from the league announces a bake sale. She introduces Kurt Elling.

32:00Copy video clip URL Kurt Elling sings several songs.

49:50Copy video clip URL Milly takes the stage and compels Elling to twirl. She thanks the Vickers Theatre for their sponsorship, as well as the sound techs. She introduces the Village Squares.

52:20Copy video clip URL The Village Squares dance.

1:00:24Copy video clip URL Milly speaks to some children near the front of the stage. She praises the items at the bake sale. She talks to some people off-camera, admiring their picnic set-up. Some more children give twirls. She introduces Jane’s Country Kin.

1:05:00Copy video clip URL Jane’s Country Kin plays several songs.

1:11:58Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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