Milly’s Orchid Show, 2003, pt. 2

A live performance of Milly's Orchid Show in Three Oaks, Michigan in 2003. Hosted by Brigid Murphy, this variety show includes performers such as The Riptones, Robbie and Donna Fulks, and Andy Martello.

00:00Copy video clip URL Milly talks while the band and sound crew prepares the stage behind her. She endorses Billy Ben Bob’s All-Meat Expanding Sausages. A sign is brought to the side of the stage, and she enthuses over this. She sings a song and then invites several children to the stage for a twirl. She introduces Andy Martello.

10:40Copy video clip URL Martello riles up the crowd over the prospect of eating fire, and he then does so. He then spins several plates, to musical accompaniment.

21:45Copy video clip URL Milly takes the stage, explains that it is the soundman’s birthday. She leads the crowd in a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday.’ She introduces Gingie O’Hare [???]

24:15Copy video clip URL O’Hare sings two songs.

32:25Copy video clip URL Milly plugs in her outfit, which lights up. She calls for her nephew, Nicholas, who does not appear. She introduces Donna and Robbie Fulks, and discusses her light-up costume as they take the stage. She thanks some people, and encourages the audience to pick up after themselves as they leave after the show. The Fulkses asks for more time to set up, and Milly stalls for time. A child asks her if her eyelashes are real. Milly thanks more of the people who helped put on the show. Fulks requires still more time, and Milly reminds the audience to buy mini-fans, and then invites children to twirl.

38:40Copy video clip URL Donna and Robbie Fulks sing several songs.

56:25Copy video clip URL Milly announces the end of the program. She compliments the cuteness of the children near the front of the stage. She reminds the audience to clean up, and enjoins them to purchase goods at the bake sale. She arranges for two girls to do a special twirl on stage; other children twirl as well. Milly reminds the crowd to buy bumper stickers, and then introduces the Riptones.

1:00:50Copy video clip URL The Riptones play several songs.

1:24:55Copy video clip URL Milly thanks the performers. She plugs herself in again and lights up. She chats with several of the children at the front of the stage. She sings her closing song and says goodnight. Fireworks are set off off-screen.

1:32:44Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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