[Mining Lecture]

00:52Copy video clip URL Private discussion and conversation before the lecture begins. 

01:56Copy video clip URL Introduction in which the speaker talks about the land reclamation program. He starts a slide show and discusses the work he’d done to reclaim land near Pittsburgh that had been devastated by mining. He details the steps necessary to repair the land and make it useable again. 

13:45Copy video clip URL Other projects in Pennsylvania and Ohio supported by state funds. 

17:22Copy video clip URL The differences between funding publicly owned and privately owned land. Procedures for receiving funding for private land that’s been destroyed by mining. 

19:54Copy video clip URL An official from the National Wildlife Federation speaks next about the NWF’s work. 

24:45Copy video clip URL The first speaker returns to discuss the regulations currently in place and his organization’s efforts to put permanent federal regulations into place. 



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