Michael Johnson Epilogue

3 years after the documentary about him ("The Other M.J."), Michael Johnson is interviewed in front of United Center about how his life has changed.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on a room where producer Tom Weinberg is testing the microphone.

0:40Copy video clip URL Cut to exterior of the United Center where microphone is tested again.

0:49Copy video clip URL Cut to shot of Michael Johnson standing in front of the Michael Jordan statue at the United Center. He and Weinberg prepare to begin.

1:15Copy video clip URL Interview begins. What’s changed for Michael since 1996? “Well, pretty much everything–I’ve changed cars, I’ve changed place of residence, I’ve changed from part-time to full-time, I’m a grandfather now. Just changed my whole frame of mind.” Weinberg decides the shot is no good and they adjust position.

2:40Copy video clip URL Redo of last question.

3:18Copy video clip URL Update on his new full time position at United Center that includes benefits.

3:43Copy video clip URL Johnson updates us on his family. His daughter Daisy had a baby girl in December. “She’s beautiful. She looks just like me!” There are a few re-takes due to airplane and wind noise.

4:53Copy video clip URL “I’m still doing the same regimen every day: go home and work out a little bit, play at the gym sometimes. This weather might hold me back a little bit, but I’m still as clean and as fresh as I was the first day we started this.”

5:19Copy video clip URL Johnson responds to Weinberg’s question about Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal: “All I can say is: I told you so!”

5:47Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg asks whether or not Michael Jordan retiring from the Bulls will have any effect on “the other M.J.” “Well, Michael Jordan quitting has some effect on me because I work at the home that he built,” Michael explains. “I’m sure that the seats aren’t going to be as filled now that he’s gone, but maybe he can get on with his life.”

6:35Copy video clip URL “The first time I was on TV had an effect on me because it made me take a look at myself… my family members, they were proud of me.” He reports getting recognized on the El and shaking hands with strangers who liked his documentary.

7:40Copy video clip URL “This being Martin Luther King’s day, I heard something he said on the radio today: ‘If you can’t be the sun, at least you can be one of the stars.'”

8:26Copy video clip URL End of tape.




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