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This is a series of three news reports covering the final days of Walter Mondale's campaign for the 1984 presidential election, including one report which followed his overwhelming loss to Ronald Reagan.

0:03Copy video clip URL Elizabeth Brackett covers the final days of Walter Mondale’s campaign for the 1984 presidential election against President Reagan. He is shown campaigning in Tennessee, Texas, and California. In Texas, Mondale attempts to rally Hispanic voters to his side. Privately, few people working in Mondale’s campaign expect him to win.

3:40Copy video clip URL A second news report begins. Mondale does not even expect to win in his own precinct, which is highly Republican North Oaks, MN. He spoke in Minnesota to thank his supporters, after what he called the “longest presidential campaign in history”. Brackett speaks to his campaign chairman Jim Johnson, who says that Mondale was responsible for keeping spirits high among his campaign workers.

7:13Copy video clip URL A final report begins after Mondale’s loss to Ronald Reagan. Mondale faces the press to give his own analysis of what had gone wrong. He says that he was facing an incumbent, well-liked president in the midst of “what is perceived” as good economic times and diminished international tensions. Mondale also admitted that he has never “warmed up to television”, and this failure hurt his campaign. Mondale says he would not have changed his decision to nominate the first woman as Vice President or his call for a tax increase. He admits that “from now on, it will take a different kind of politician to win elections”.

12:07Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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