More Stuff To Get Mad About

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0:00 Tranzplexzian Entertainment/William Lee Group Ventures

0:20 Introduction by emcee “More stuff to Get Mad About.” Lee tells viewers the show’ll be explicit, so change the channel if you want. “The fool misses the truth, and the wise man already knows it… I just made that up!”

3:35 Opening titles. Starring/Conceived/Written/Directed by William Lee. Lee talks about why he’s doing the show – “Well, I’m mad again.” William Lee sits up against the sunset, and his face can’t be seen. He wants to start the show talking about black-on-black violence.

6:55 Lee talks about Nelson Mandela’s recent visit to the United States. Lee talks about how the key difference between racism in the US and Africa is that Americans are allowed to vote. He discusses the importance of voting.

9:40 “2 Live Crew and Other American Tragedies.” Lee talks about black music, black music videos, and censorship. He talks about problems with the negative message of black music, especially misogyny.

12:20 “For Black Boys Only.” Lee shows the video for “Knockin’ Boots” and does a commentary on the lyrics. He presents a positive example: music by Public Enemy.

18:16 “And now…”Lee talks about “the Flag Issue”- problems with the Confederate flag.

22:25 Lee talks about the movie industry. 60% of tickets are purchased by black people, but very few films actually feature black issues or black characters.

24:15 Montage of clips and quotes over Public Enemy’s “Don’t Believe the Hype.”

27:50 End credits. 1990. A William Lee Group Venture.

28:50 End of tape.



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