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Compilation of news reports produced by Don Moseley.

0:15Copy video clip URL The Channel 5 news opens with a report on the high cost of dealing with drug abuse for law enforcement. Carol Marin narrates this special, “The High Cost of Getting High.” She talks about current operations and the history of drug trafficking in Chicago. She cites statistics about the costs to the city of police, jails, courts, and other expenses for drug related crimes.

5:00Copy video clip URL They talk with women in Cook County jail for drug related crimes. They talk about their experiences and their recovery.

8:25Copy video clip URL Marin reports on teenage drug use, noting an increase in the amount of use from eighth grade. She continues to cite statistics about the cost to the city and taxpayers. They talk with possible solutions to reduce drug problems.

15:15Copy video clip URL The report focuses on a Mexican drug lord, and how his operations have an effect on Chicago. They speak with some drug addicts living in Chicago.

18:45Copy video clip URL Cut to black. Open on different news report. Marin reports on Michael Jordan’s charity, and how the money it raises is used. They examine costs and benefit of particular fundraising events.

24:45Copy video clip URL Marin reports on the shut down of Jordan’s foundation.

27:12Copy video clip URL Marin reports on the Richard Dent Foundation and its effect on the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago.

31:08Copy video clip URL Marin reports on the Mike Ditka Foundation, and how the money it raises is used.

34:45Copy video clip URL Report on Gwen Garcia, a woman arrested for killing her daughter and husband and sentenced to be executed. Marin interviews her and reports on the trials of her life, including severe abuse since childhood and from her husband. They speak with some of her relatives and experts in criminal justice. Protestors fight against the use of the death penalty.

45:00Copy video clip URL Marin reports on a boy who was disfigured as a child, whom she first interviewed more than 10 years ago. At four years old, 90% of his body was burned in a car accident, and he talks about his experience being facially disfigured.

49:50Copy video clip URL A new report on the same young man with slightly different footage and storytelling.

54:00Copy video clip URL Marin reports on the “Pineapple Bandits,” two old men who once stole a load of Dole pineapple worth $80,000. This report expands to cover organized crime more generally.

58:45Copy video clip URL Report on six Chicago siblings that all died unexpectedly and mysteriously as infants. Their mother, Deborah Gedzius, is investigated for their deaths and the death of the last three children’s father. The first four babies all died at one year or younger, and the cause of death was listed as SIDS. The fifth child died at two years old, and the sixth at two months old, both from respiratory issues “pending further studies.” Early investigations led to no information about the death of the children, but experts began to conclude that these deaths must involve foul play.

1:07:50Copy video clip URL Special continues. They reference a different case of a mother convicted of killing her nine children in Connecticut. Marin questions why so many children had to die before an investigation could conclude that the children were murdered. Return to the Chicago case; Deborah Gedzius’ soon to be ex-husband is found murdered after he announces he wants to separate from her. In light of the new murder, they return to investigating the deaths of the children, and whether or not it would be possible for there to be six SIDS deaths in one family. After the case is reviewed again, a new medical examiner concludes that all six deaths were caused by suffocation. Marin reports on why these results were not brought to light sooner.

1:19:25Copy video clip URL Special continues. Marin reports that still no one has been charged in the deaths of any of the children. She continues to talk about in the ways that the justice system has failed these children. End of special and credits.

1:21:57Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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