[Moving Pictures / Six Families]

Footage of life around the city of Chicago in the year 2000.

0:03Copy video clip URL Color bars.

1:45Copy video clip URL Bells playing and footage around the city of Chicago. Cut to footage of the people playing the church bells. Footage of them playing interspersed with footage people around the city.

5:00Copy video clip URL Cut to a montage of different religious ceremonies and events.

11:52Copy video clip URL A graduation ceremony. An opera house lobby before a show. Mayor Daley at a conference. A woman testifies about civil disobedience. Footage from different rallies, marches, and parades. Boy sings the national anthem at a baseball game. Various footage of people around the city at various events and on the street.

27:57Copy video clip URL Footage of a surgery. Various footage of people around the city. Includes footage of some fisherman and their philosophy, cheerleaders at a football game.

32:28Copy video clip URL Jesse Jackson at a parade and in a prison, police opening a car trunk covered in vandalism, a man talking  about racial profiling, people on the lake shore, footage of a blizzard, and people playing the bells from the beginning.

45:55Copy video clip URL Title, “Six Families: Lakeview, July 6, 2000.” Footage of a family’s daily routine.

48:10Copy video clip URL Title,” East Rogers Park, July 12, 2000.” Footage of a different family’s daily routine.

50:20Copy video clip URL Title, “Lakeview, October 20, 2000.” Footage of a third family’s daily routine.

52:23Copy video clip URL Title, “Wrigleyville, December 7, 2000.” Footage of a fourth family’s daily routine.¬†

54:30Copy video clip URL Title, “Gresham, December 6, 2000.” Footage of a fifth family’s daily routine.

56:40Copy video clip URL Title, “Hyde Park, December 13, 2000.” Footage of a sixth family’s daily routine.

58:50Copy video clip URL Fade to black.

1:00:02Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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