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From the first year of MTV.

0:00Copy video clip URL Bars and tone, black.

0:25Copy video clip URL Slate. “Punk Hair.” Atilla, a Hungarian hairdresser in LA, talks about the statement he can make through hairstyling.

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2:25Copy video clip URL Slate. “The Mailibooz.” Band playing at edge of guitar-shaped pool. Voice over talks about surf music. Interview with band. They claim that surf music is re-emerging.

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4:25Copy video clip URL Slate. “Kim Carnes.” We talk about her big hit, “Bette Davis Eyes.” Carnes talks about the song. This is one of the few songs recorded by Carnes that was not written by her. She talks about how it got recorded.

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6:25Copy video clip URL Slate. “Greg Kihn.” Free outdoor lunchtime concert in San Francisco with Greg Kihn. Band talks about enjoying playing in the middle of the city and their hit single, “Breakup.” Talks about friendship with Bruce Springsteen and getting to record one of his songs.

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8:30Copy video clip URL Slate. “Oingo-Boingo.” Band performs. The Country Club in LA. Danny Elfman talks about band’s changing direction. He says the band’s name has no meaning, it is just an absurdity.

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10:30Copy video clip URL Slate. “Journey.” Journey plays softball. Steve Perry talks about band’s new lineup.

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12:32Copy video clip URL Slate. “Beatles Book.” Clips from Hard Day’s Night with Can’t Buy Me Love playing. The Compleat Beatles book is being released. It costs $40 and has 512 pages. The book covers the Beatles’ career and has all songs transcribed. Lester Bangs talks about the importance of the Beatles.

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14:35Copy video clip URL Slate. “Concert Safety.” “My Generation” playing over footage of packed concerts. Story about new laws in New York for concert safety. Political aide talks about new laws regulating concert setup. Cincinnati politician says these new laws are discriminatory because should apply to all large gatherings.

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16:35Copy video clip URL Slate. “415.” This band has two 19-yr-old band members. The band has the same manager as Journey. Band member talks about deals they are cutting. We see them perform to a huge stadium.

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