[Music machines museum]

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0:00 Color bars.

0:21 Poster says “Juke Box. The Golden Years.” We hear the song “Calendar Girls”. Music Machines.

1:18 Closeup of machine sorting records.

1:30 Graphophone (phonograph) exhibit.

2:47 Photograph of early phonograph with Thomas Edison.

3:07 Closeup of graphophone.

4:13 Wurlitzer jukebox. Closeup of bubbling neon lights and other details. Song selections include Elvis Presley, Lawrence Welk, Fats Domino, Floyd Cramer, The Highwaymen, and Chubby Checker.

6:59 Man standing at Video Music Center and explains how it is different from a jukebox. It has a computerized screen and can sort the music in many different ways and holds choices in a queue in its memory. He then explains how an owner of a business can program the jukebox to display news about that particular business. He says that also theoretically videos could be displayed once the software is created.

12:47 Singing Towers jukebox.

13:10 Closeups of the machine with The Entertainer.

13:30 Interview with man about how he has acquired his jukeboxes. He talks about the direction music is going in now. He says there is a conflict between technology drawing us forward and nostalgia pulling us back. He claims that the machines he has acquired balance these two urges. He talks about early jukeboxes, which could only play twenty record sides.

18:03 End of tape.



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