Muzeeka #8?

Muzeeka is a play about American soldiers of the Vietnam War who have television contracts. It serves as a satire of both the war and mainstream American society. Written in 1968, it is one of the most notable of playwright John Guare's early works. This video is part of an early production of the play at the Kingston Mines Theater in Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL Grey Screen

00:06Copy video clip URL Opening scene – “In Which Argue Sings the Penny.” The main character (Argue) sings an odd, patriotic song.

1:21Copy video clip URL End scene. Cut to black.

1:25Copy video clip URL “In Which Argue Says “I Love You.” Argue is in bed with his wife, and professes love to her.

02:17Copy video clip URL “In Which Argue Has a Vision.” Argue expounds to his wife about his ancestors, the Etruscan people. Later, Argue gets a job with the Muzeeka Corp. of America, which creates Muzak. He enthusiastically explains how he will change and disturb mankind with his own secret music, and they will send the whole universe dancing into exhaustion and peace.

09:53Copy video clip URL Tape breaks. Returns mid-scene.

11:31Copy video clip URL “In Which Argue Makes a Terrible Discovery About Himself.” Argue goes to meet a prostitute while his wife conceives their child.

15:48Copy video clip URL Tape skips. Argue has made a call to the hospital where his wife is in labor. 

18:53Copy video clip URL Tape skips. Argue has told the prostitute that although he lives in suburban Connecticut, he wants to be closer to the lifestyle of Greenwich Village, wishing to align himself politically with the “left wing” values that he perceives she represents. She calls him out as a phony to the audience.

18:54Copy video clip URL Scene returns to the prostitute’s apartment. An actor stands in the middle of the stage narrating an interior monologue of Argue.

19:38Copy video clip URL In the morning, still at the prostitute’s apartment, Argue receives a call that the baby has been born.

24:49Copy video clip URL End of Part 1. Grey Screen.

24:51Copy video clip URL “In Which Argue Is At A Loss.”

25:24Copy video clip URL Fade to grey screen.

25:25Copy video clip URL “In Which Argue Goes to War!”

25:41Copy video clip URL Tape skips. Argue talks with a fellow soldier in Vietnam. They discuss their television contracts with different networks while preparing their war make-up.

27:49Copy video clip URL Take skips. Argue is returning from war and is confronted with the consequences of his actions during the war and the reality of integrating back into civilian life.

29:14Copy video clip URL Sally Jane prepares for Argue’s return.

29:43Copy video clip URL Tape skips. A fellow soldier in Argue’s unit lays in bed contemplating the power of music and the radio.

31:55Copy video clip URL Play ends. Actors take their final bows and exit the stage.

32:31Copy video clip URL Brief shot of Argue’s fellow soldier discussing his father’s septic tank business.



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